IMOU CCTV Camera Default IP Address and How to Change It

imou cctv camera default IP address

IMOU CCTV default IP address – Talking about CCTV IP camera settings, the most needed information is knowing the default IP address of the CCTV camera. The IP address is used to open access to the camera. Can be via a web browser or software.

What is the default IP address of IMOU CCTV?

This time, we will discuss the IMOU CCTV address. This question has been asked several times by readers. Sometimes there are also questions from our customers.

IMOU CCTV Default IP Address

If you read this article, maybe you will feel a little disappointed. After searching various sources and direct practice, IMOU CCTV does not have a default IP address. The IMOU CCTV IP address will appear after connecting or pairing to a smartphone using the internet access available at the location.

After the camera is connected to the network, the IP address will appear.

The IP address that appears also corresponds to the internet segment used. For example, if you use IndiHome internet, the Dahua CCTV IP address will be or according to the DHCP IP obtained.

Changing the Default IP Address of IMOU CCTV

After the IMOU CCTV camera gets an IP address by connecting to the internet network, then you can change the IP address. To change the IP address, you can use the Dahua Config Tool software.

Dahua Config Tool software can be downloaded for laptops and computers.

Changing IMOU CCTV IP address.

  1. Connect your laptop/computer to the same internet network used by IMOU CCTV.
  2. Open the Dahua Config Tool software.
  3. Login to the camera for the settings menu.
  4. Click the Modify IP menu.
  5. Change the IP address by selecting the mode to Static.
  6. Clik Ok.


After clicking the OK button, the IP address will change according to what you input. Then you can use it according to your needs


It is information about IMOU CCTV default ip address.

By reading this article, you can find out that IMOU CCTV cameras do not have a default IP address like conventional IP CCTV. The IP address will appear when the camera is connected to the internet network.

I hope this information is helpful.

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