Add Hikvision/HiLook IP Camera to XMeye NVR, Read This Guide

add hikvision ip camera to xmeye nvr

Adding Hikvision/HiLook IP camera to XMeye NVR – We wrote this guide for those of you who are confused about connecting or adding a Hikvision IP CCTV camera to another brand of NVR, for example the XMeye NVR. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place.

How to add Hikvision/Hilook IP CCTV cameras to Xmeye NVR?

Before that, let’s be thankful for the ONVIF system. With this feature, we can connect Hikvision/HiLook IP CCTV cameras with other brands of NVRs such as XMeye that have ONVIF features.

Adding Hikvision/HiLook IP CCTV Cameras to XMeye NVR

We wrote this guide based on what we see on the job site. So there was a case, a customer asked us to connect a Hikvision IP CCTV camera to an XMeye NVR. After several attempts, we succeeded in doing it.

So this guide can really be put into practice.

Activating ONVIF on Hikvision CCTV Cameras

Start by activating the onvif feature on the CCTV camera. In other words, you have to make settings on the Hikvision/HiLook CCTV camera. If the ONVIF feature is not activated, the camera cannot be connected to the XMeye NVR.

Activate the Hikvision CCTV ONVIF feature. In this case, we use a laptop and Google Chrome browser.

  1. set the laptop IP address according to the Hikvision/HiLook CCTV IP address. The default IP address of Hikvision IP CCTV cameras is Then the laptop sets the IP address in the same segment, for example
  2. Open the Google Chrome browser and access the CCTV camera IP address.
  3. On the login page, sign in using your username and password.
  4. Select the Network menu.
  5. Select Advanced S.ettings
  6. Check the Enable Open Network Video Interface (ONVIF).
  7. Click Save Button.

Adding Hikvision CCTV IP Cameras to XMeye NVR

After the ONVIF feature is activated, then make settings on the XMeye DVR to add CCTV. There are not many settings done on the NVR. Make sure the NVR has the same IP address as the camera.

Adding CCTV IP Cameras to XMeye NVR.

  1. Click the plus (+) icon in one of the boxes on the CCTV screen.
  2. Click Search Device button.
  3. Click the detected CCTV or detected CCTV IP address. Click Add.
  4. Enter the CCTV camera password.
  5. Finally click the Apply button.


If successful, the screen will display the IP CCTV camera added to the XMeye NVR. If it doesn’t display anything, then repeat the steps above.


How, very easy, right?

Hikvision/HiLook IP CCTV cameras can be connected to other brands of DVR as long as the DVR used supports the ONVIF feature. Apart from Hikvision CCTV, you can also connect other brands of CCTV that support the ONVIF feature. to the XMeye NVR.

That’s how to add a Hikvision/HiLook IP CCTV camera to an XMeye NVR. Hope it is useful.

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