Get to Know the ZOSI Smart App Menus for Android & iOS


ZOSI Smart App download Android & iPhone – Before using the CCTV camera application, it would be nice to know the function of the menus in the application. This aims to make it easier for you to use the application.

ZOSI Smart App is one of the free CCTV applications for ZOSI CCTV.

With the ZOSI Smart App application, users can connect ZOSI cameras of all types into the application so that CCTV can be viewed online from anywhere and anytime. The good news is that ZOSI Smart App is available for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Get to Know ZOSI Smart App

Actually, the ZOSI CCTV application has the same menus as online CCTV applications in general. There is no significant difference. In the ZOSI application there are menus for playback, adding cameras, recording and so on.

The following menus are available in the ZOSI Smart App.

Zosi Smart App home view
Zosi Smart App dashboard view
Zosi Smart App playback view
Zosi Smart App setting device view


The ZOSI Smart App can be downloaded through the play store and app store.

With the ZOSI Smart App, users can use it to view CCTV cameras online. Of course, this application is specifically for ZOSI brand CCTV and cannot be used for other brands such as Dahua and Hikvision.

That’s all the information about the ZOSi Smart App menus. Hope you find it useful.

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